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Taking care of the elder, a mission of love

However rich you are in money and belongings, the greatest treasure that life can give you is your family. The smiling faces of your children, siblings, parents and grandparents are a priceless gift that we all want to protect with all that we have. The beautiful moments that we share with our families are what makes life good.

When you love someone, you devote your heart to protecting them and making sure that they are all right. However, life can bring challenges along your way, and you will have to deal with difficult situations sometimes. In time, some people will require your help, and sometimes the burden of taking care of an ill member of your family can be too much for your shoulders.

Don't worry. Our mission in this world is to help you with the illness of your elders. We know what you need to know to give them the best - without being burnt out in the process. This doesn't have to dig a hole in your time schedule or in your economy - there are other ways. Let us show you how.


Advice and support for the caretakers

Don't be scared if you find out that a member of your family require private long term care. It usually sounds worse than it ends out being. We have an extensive knowledge on how you should proceed to ensure that your family members receive the best care. Check out our news section to find lots of useful information about this. We will give you tips and advice on all that you need to know to pull this out. 


You must always take in account that taking care of an ill person is very exhausting. You have to be availiable 24/7 for any need that the person could have if they can't shift for themselves. You need to take care of medication, doctor appointments and sometimes rehabilitation clinics, and at the same time you should be at the person's side quite often. Is there a way to get this all done without neglecting your own life? Yes, there is.


Equity release: an opened gate to private long term care


The best that you can do for a family member who is ill and requires a lot of care is to hire private long term care services. This could sound as a very expensive option, but don't worry. Releasing some equity from your property will be the perfect solution for this issue.

We offer specialised advice on how to release equity from a property to fund the caretaking of your elders. This is a great solution because you won't need to give up anything, this isn't selling a house. The property where your family member lives could be paying for the care without him or her loosing ownership over it. Find out more about this great option for your family by contacting us via our contact form or, if you prefer, give us a call at 01632 960030!

Frida White

" "When my mother got ill I was really concerned about being able to take care of her properly. I am a single mom and I just couldn't handle it all together. I am so glad that Co-Active got involved in this and now my mother has the life that she deserves.! "

Walter Rogers

" "I love my family and I have always wanted them to have the best. I felt so bad when I was diagnosed because I never wanted to be a burden for my sons. But they had made a deal with Co-Active and they helped us out." "
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